Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eduroam - Celebration of a decade of operation, providing seamless roaming to universities

Since its launch ten years ago Eduroam has spread to over 50 countries, including more than 5,000 locations in Europe, where researchers, students and teachers with eduroam credentials can securely access the Internet while away from their home institution.
Today’s research and education community is increasingly mobile, and depends on technology and the Internet to collaborate and communicate. eduroam was created to meet these needs. Without the need to register for guest accounts or remember extra passwords, users can simply open their laptops or activate their mobile devices, and eduroam automatically authenticates them with their home institution and handles authorisation via the institution they are visiting. This not only benefits researchers, teachers and students, but reduces the support burden for institutions themselves, making it simple to provide access for visiting users without adding to their administrative workload.

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