Wednesday, May 9, 2012

European Commission - Welcomes the adoption of the Third Roaming Regulation by European Parliament

Neelie Kroes welcomed the vote in favour of the compromise on the Third Roaming Regulation by the plenary of the European Parliament.
People expect to use their phones wherever they go. Especially across internal borders that are supposed to have disappeared. And better smartphones, tablets and online content mean a boom in mobile data.

In that context, high roaming charges are an irritant for citizens, and an obstacle to the Single Market. People are fed up with nasty surprises when they open their bill. Today we can put an end to them once and for all—for voice, for text, and for data. And show how the EU protects citizens' interests.

First, we now have a "future-proof" solution. Injecting competition into roaming markets will mean, for the first time ever, a structural, sustainable way to protect consumers.

Because competition is the best guarantee of long-term low prices.

Under the new rules, mobile users are empowered to pick the roaming provider right for their travel needs, separately from their domestic provider; while companies will be able to compete through innovative services.

See the Memo for further details.

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