Thursday, May 10, 2012

UK - Consumer Focus welcomed the new Roaming Regulation, but called for bill shock protection at home

Consumer Focus (UK) welcomed the EU's Third Roaming Regulation.

Marzena Lipman, policy manager at Consumer Focus said:

The last thing people want when they come back relaxed from their holiday is to be shocked by the size of their mobile bill. So further cuts to the charges phone companies can impose on their customers when travelling in Europe, are very welcome. The data-roaming caps are particularly good news, as data-use can incur some of the biggest and most unexpected bills for consumers.

However it is unfair that customers using their phones at home in the UK do not have a similar level of protection. We’d like to see this gap in protection closed voluntarily by mobile phone providers or for the regulator to tackle this issue.

Which? took a similarly positive view.

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